Software and Network Management

Control Software
Media Editor3 is Optecs media's content creation software for RGB displays.
The latest version ME3 was designed with a new interface and a new host of features to provide
the highest quality display content software available to date.

The full featured graphical user interface makes creating graphics files simple with features such as
time-line effects, pop up menus and frame templates.
ME3 is both powerful and simplistic, requiring a short learning curve to transistion from basic movies
to utilizing advanced concepts.

Presentations of your advertisements is controlled through ME3's powerful scheduling software.

ME3 also includes an audit function to provide proof of presentation verification.

Managing a large outdoor digital network is not an easy task. However, Optec has the solution.
Optec is the expert in the industry when it comes to managing a large digital display network.
Proven by a National fast food chain anf other applications, our flexible Network Management
Software is ready to be customized to suit your needs!

All your network administrator has to do is stay in the office, he or she will be able to manage
hundreds or thousands of displays through the web based Display Network Manager.
From content uploading to individual site management, there is simply no other display
management system that is so powerful and user friendly.

Display Management - Enterprise Level Control
For larger networks, our Display Manager Software gives you the power to exercise enterprise
wide control over your entire display network from a corporate headquarters, regionally or locally.

Key Features:
*Web based interface.
*Content library for distribution to single or multiple displays.
*Schedule content by day part, region or campaign.
*Create display groupings by region, demographic profile or other metrics.
*Manage campaigns across regions.
*Customize content down to individual display level.
*Manage access and control options across organization.
*Instantly update displays individually or in groups.